TeleHealth Solutions serves as a trusted and knowledgeable resource for healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices that are seeking the most effective and cost-efficient way to add or improve a telehealth program.

TeleHealth Solutions addresses every step involved in procuring or optimizing telehealth programs, including selection, assessment, review, implementation, integration and support. The company is vendor-agnostic, providing unbiased input that allows customers to leverage existing resources and identify appropriate new technologies, resulting in a successful integrated system that meets current and future needs.

“There are so many variables to consider with telehealth, and they are constantly shifting due to changes in technology and regulatory compliance,” says Ned Thurman, Chief Executive Officer of TeleHealth Solutions. “We bring an objective viewpoint supported by years of experience with a wide range of customers to help ensure satisfaction among all of an organization’s stakeholders.”

TeleHealth Solutions’ expertise delivers in-depth understanding of both workflow and technology, the two major components of a telemedicine system. Specialty practices require workflow and data entry solutions that fit their unique needs, which can create a challenge when one healthcare organization is supporting multiple specialties with telehealth.

“The rapid growth of the telemedicine industry has created confusion in the marketplace and makes it difficult to determine the best solution for a specific organization’s need,” states Ali Yallah, Ph.D., PMP, Chief Information Officer at River Edge Behavioral Health Center. “Not only does TeleHealth Solutions help decipher competing sales offerings so healthcare organizations can choose a cost effective, high-quality solution, but they are there to implement, integrate and support the system.”

Adds Yallah, “Telehealth Solutions is definitely a game changer in the industry. IT leaders and decision makers now have a one stop shop telehealth solution provider.”

TeleHealth Solutions has been growing rapidly since its formation, recently adding Turner Taliaferro Smith as Vice President of Business Development. Smith has an extensive background in health IT and telemedicine. The company is also hiring managers for both implementation and support functions.

Telehealth, telemedicine and mHealth all leverage technology to provide patients with immediate, real-time access to clinicians regardless of location. According to the American Telemedicine Association, there currently are about 2,000 telemedicine networks with 3,500 services sites in the country. Telemedicine is expected to grow at a cumulative annual growth rate of more than 56 percent between 2013 and 2018, says global market research company IHS.

About TeleHealth Solutions
TeleHealth Solutions supports every aspect of adding or enhancing telemedicine programs for healthcare systems, hospitals, clinics and physician practices. The experts at TeleHealth Solutions serve as a vendor-agnostic collaborative partner for organizations implementing a new telehealth network, assessing opportunities, updating technology, leveraging existing technology or optimizing a current program. For more information, visit