A confluence of events, including continued hospital acquisition of urology practices, higher demand for practicing urologists, heightened competition and an increasingly complex operating environment, creates hurdles for practices that wish to retain their independence.

U.S. Urology Partners (the “Company”) offers an option for urology groups, large and small, to achieve their goals without losing control and being forced into a subservient role within a hospital system. Led by Chief Executive Officer Mark Cherney with funding from NMS Capital, the company addresses the pressures on urologists and allows them to concentrate on providing quality care and clinical leadership. U.S. Urology Partners’ first practice partnership is Central Ohio Urology Group (“COUG”). The Company will partner with urology groups in Ohio and strategic markets throughout the country.

“Our vision is to allow urology practices to retain their autonomy, avoid unnecessary pressures and succeed financially without having to acquiesce to a hospital acquisition,” stated Cherney. “Urology groups that partner with U.S. Urology Partners will benefit from an experienced team of healthcare executives with decades of urology domain expertise and extensive knowledge of integrated services, revenue cycle and practice management. Our deep financial resources can enhance services to patients as well as the providers,” said Cherney.

Cherney is a seasoned healthcare executive with decades of industry experience, which includes serving as chief executive officer, board director, executive chairman, venture partner and advisor to private equity. His leadership experience comprises work in urology-related businesses including McGaw, Medstone, Endocare, Dolphin Medical and Prologics.

“U.S. Urology Partners can serve as an alternative to practitioners who want to fulfill their mission to provide quality care without sacrificing their clinical independence,” stated Cherney. “We allow physicians to deliver the highest possible levels of care to patients without having to spend an excessive amount of time worrying about operations and capital.”

To support its physicians and other providers, U.S. Urology Partners operates a centralized business office with more than 50 professionals who provide end-to-end services, including finance and accounting, revenue cycle management, provider recruitment, human resources, compliance, data analytics, marketing and contracting.

Established in 2004, COUG provides a full suite of urological services and comprehensive individualized treatment for its patients, including men’s health, women’s health and cancer care. Through its network of 16 locations, including a single-specialty ambulatory surgery center, Columbus Prostate Cancer Center and Advanced Prostate Cancer Clinic, COUG’s board-certified urologists complete more than 250,000 procedures annually. In addition to its core urology and cancer care services, COUG provides a full complement of integrated urologic services, including in-office dispensary, radiology, pathology, radiation treatment, diagnostic imaging and lab.

To discuss partnership opportunities, contact Mark Cherney, Chief Executive Officer, at (614) 944-4834 or markcherney@usuropartners.com.

About U.S. Urology Partners

U.S. Urology Partners offers an alternative to hospital acquisition, allowing urology practices to retain their independence while benefitting from operational support, management expertise and deep financial resources of a partner. The strength and experience of U.S. Urology Partners enables practices to concentrate on what they do best – delivering the highest level of care to patients. U.S. Urology Partners is an affiliate of Central Ohio Urology Group and NMS Capital with plans to expand nationally. www.usuropartners.com

About Central Ohio Urology Group

Central Ohio Urology Group (COUG) is a leading provider of urological services with a network of 16 locations in the region. Headquartered just outside of Columbus in Gahanna, Ohio, COUG provides a comprehensive suite of urological services, including men’s health, women’s health, cancer care, advanced treatment options for bladder and prostate cancer, and radiation oncology.  www.centralohiourology.com

About NMS Capital

NMS Capital is a New York headquartered private investment firm specializing in strategic equity investments and leveraged buyouts of lower middle market companies. The firm was formed through the spin-out of a group of portfolio companies from the Goldman Sachs Merchant Banking Division.  NMS focuses on companies headquartered in the U.S. poised to benefit from sustainable growth trends with particular concentration on companies in Healthcare Services and Specialized Business Services. www.nms-capital.com