Since our company’s inception in 1997, we have built a proven track record of assisting more than 500 businesses in all stages of development as well as guiding hundreds of individual coaching clients. From the launch of a new business venture to the expansion of an already-established company to an individual wishing to explore career opportunities, our firm can help you successfully move forward.

We help our clients achieve personal fulfillment while building businesses that make a difference in the world. Our integrated approach to growth focuses on creating a solid foundation for the future, while building revenues, bottom-line results and long-term value to shareholders and the community.

New ventures and existing businesses

One of our specialty areas is working with entrepreneurs and their seed, start-up and early-stage ventures. A number of our clients begin with little more than a big idea and a lot of enthusiasm. We know how to multiply existing resources and develop a strategic plan to give your company the right direction and introductions.

Many of our clients are existing businesses that are pursuing new growth opportunities or individuals evaluating new career strategies. They seek our professional services to identify emerging opportunities, determine next steps and maximize results.

Personalized executive coaching

We are pleased to announce that our Founder and CEO, Laura Campbell, has increased the amount to time she works with individual coaching clients. Her confidential, wise and caring support helps individuals of all ages identity and achieve their goals.

Business growth services

Most often, we assist our clients with one or more of the following:

  • Strategic planning

  • Executive coaching

  • Sales and business development

  • Marketing and communications

  • Fundraising strategy and investor relations

  • Identity creation, messaging and branding

  • Website and collateral development

  • Social media planning and execution

  • Content creation: white papers, case studies, business plans, presentations, etc.

  • VIP events

To promote seamless implementation of our activities, we emphasize effective partnering with in-house resources and outside vendors.

Simply put, we are value-oriented and work with our clients and other vendors to implement solid strategies at prudent times.

Our Approach

laura campbell personal attention

Personal attention

Our firm offers highly individualized services, all of which are implemented under the personal direction of the company’s Founder and CEO, Laura Campbell.

Philosophy and values

We recognize that it is an honor and privilege to serve our clients and the business community at large. Our beliefs and values guide us on a daily basis. They are:

  • Treating our clients and business associates with the utmost respect
  • Using innovative, flexible thinking to develop creative solutions
  • Completing quality work on time and on budget
  • Providing sound advice through attentive listening and thorough research
  • Protecting the confidentiality of written and verbal information
  • Focusing on teamwork with our clients and their many partners
  • Being hardworking, hands-on, loyal and dependable


We use a team approach to meet the needs of our clients. Our firm has a talented group of associates, excellent connections with national business leaders, and established relationships with trusted vendors. By tapping into the resources of our network, we can act quickly to meet any situation that arises. This approach enables us to assemble a group of experts that is specifically suited to each individual client.


We realize that no two clients are alike. We always create original solutions for our clients and never use a cookie-cutter approach. We have used a variety of financial arrangements, including hourly fees, project fees, sales commissions, retainers and equity participation.