MedQuest Signs Joint Venture Agreements with Multiple Health Systems, Emerges as Leading Outpatient Imaging Partner

In today’s healthcare environment with unprecedented pressure on providers to develop cost-effective and accessible diagnostic imaging networks, MedQuest Associates has emerged as a leading outpatient radiology partner for hospitals and health systems. Focusing on the outpatient imaging business exclusively for over 24 years, MedQuest is one of the largest, most experienced and most successful providers in the country, currently managing a network of 45 imaging centers across seven states.

“MedQuest leverages its deep expertise in outpatient imaging to focus on partnerships with hospital and health systems. We have seen strong interest and entered into multiple agreements for our comprehensive services, which are headlined by outpatient imaging management and joint ventures (JV) and referring physician engagement,” stated Bruce Elder, CEO of Atlanta-based MedQuest. “We specialize in delivering quality outpatient imaging at economically sustainable and consumer-friendly rates, which is increasingly important as patients bear a greater share of healthcare costs.”

“MedQuest brings more than two decades of experience to partnering with hospitals and health systems in outpatient imaging,” said Elder. “The capabilities we have developed as one of the leading companies in the industry can deliver better performance, enhanced patient experience and increased market share for our partners.”

To fulfill its goal of serving as a long-term operating partner for a hospital or health system, MedQuest can make a capital commitment and serve as the full turnkey manager of imaging centers, ensuring the highest likelihood of maximum performance for all of the partners. MedQuest also offers its partners flexibility in joint venture structures and equity arrangements.
MedQuest’s recent partnerships and major relationships with health systems include:

  • University of Maryland Charles Regional Medical Center, University of Maryland Diagnostic Imaging Specialists, PA and MedQuest Associates entered into a joint venture to develop and operate a full-modality outpatient diagnostic imaging center in La Plata, Maryland. University of Maryland Charles Regional Imaging recently opened with MedQuest managing the day-to-day operations of the center.
  • North Mississippi Health Services (NMHS) has purchased a majority interest in The Imaging Center in Tupelo and partnered with MedQuest as a joint venture partner in the business. MedQuest purchased a minority interest in the center and has assumed management of daily operations.
  • FirstHealth of the Carolinas Inc., MedQuest and its affiliates have partnered to operate FirstHealth Southern Pines Diagnostic Imaging, an existing outpatient diagnostic imaging facility located in Southern Pines, North Carolina.
  • Novant Health, a 15-hospital integrated delivery network, relies on MedQuest to manage its entire portfolio of outpatient imaging centers and mobile imaging assets across North Carolina.

About MedQuest Associates
MedQuest is a leading owner, operator and manager of diagnostic imaging facilities with a network of 45 imaging centers under management. As one of the nation’s most experienced outpatient imaging partners, MedQuest provides comprehensive services, including outpatient imaging management and joint venture (JV), and referring physician engagement. Serving health systems, hospitals and imaging centers nationwide, MedQuest draws upon decades of operational experience and industry knowledge to deliver comprehensive guidance and solutions that increase revenue and optimize operations, while improving quality and the patient experience. MedQuest’s industry-leading proprietary systems and processes create an unrivaled value proposition for its partners. Learn more at