TeleHealth Solutions Partners with Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center, Will Provide Consulting Focused on Optimizing and Procuring Telehealth Resources

TeleHealth Solutions announced today that it has signed a partnership agreement to provide consulting services to customers of the Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center (UMTRC). TeleHealth Solutions is a vendor-agnostic consultancy that addresses every step involved in planning, procuring and optimizing telehealth programs.

UMTRC provides a single point of contact for telehealth resources across Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. The organization’s resources include educational and outreach presentations, individualized technical assistance, facilitation, connections to local or distant providers, archived resources via its website and project staff.

“Telehealth helps to equalize access to quality care, reduce the costs of providing that care and improve patient satisfaction levels and outcomes,” said Becky Sanders, Program Director, UMTRC. “Our program has generated so much demand among providers in the four states we serve that we needed to bring in additional expertise and support.”

Sanders continued, “TeleHealth Solutions gives us access to highly experienced professionals with a deep understanding of telehealth systems and solutions. We especially like the fact that they are vendor agnostic, so they can optimize existing resources or evaluate new solutions without any bias. The result is the best possible solution for our stakeholders.”
There are two tiers of assistance available from UMTRC:

  • Tier 1: Call or email any time to learn more about the program and discuss the telehealth landscape.
  • Tier 2: Each client receives up to 10 hours of free technical assistance per year.
  • For additional assistance beyond Tier 2: A client may wish to inquire about engaging the UMTRC for consultative services.

TeleHealth Solutions’ expertise includes in-depth understanding of both workflow and technology, the two major components of a telemedicine system. From system assessment to implementation, system integration to ongoing support, TeleHealth Solutions combines a keen understanding of stakeholder needs with a broad knowledge of available technology and solutions.

“The variables in telehealth are constantly shifting due to advances in technology and changes in regulatory compliance,” said Ned Thurman, Chief Executive Officer of TeleHealth Solutions. “We bring an objective viewpoint supported by years of experience with a wide range of customers to help ensure satisfaction among all of an organization’s stakeholders.”

About TeleHealth Solutions
TeleHealth Solutions supports every aspect of adding or enhancing telemedicine programs for healthcare providers, including healthcare systems, hospitals, physician practices and clinics, as well as non-traditional users such as correctional facilities and schools. The experts at TeleHealth Solutions serve as a vendor-agnostic collaborative partner for organizations implementing a new telehealth network, assessing opportunities, updating technology, leveraging existing technology or optimizing a current program. For more information, visit

About Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center
The Upper Midwest Telehealth Resource Center (UMTRC) is a consortium of active telehealth organizations, headed by the Indiana Rural Health Association (IRHA). The UMTRC provides a comprehensive set of telehealth clinical and technical assistance throughout the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. As a federally funded program, UMTRC is required to place a priority on assistance to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) grantees interested in establishing or expanding a telehealth program, including, but not limited to, Office of Advancement for Telehealth (OAT) Telehealth Network, Community Health Centers and the Federal Office of Rural Health Policy grantees. Requests for assistance can be submitted using the UMTRC website Contact Form, calling 855-283-3734 ext. 232, or emailing For more information, visit