MedQuest Radiology Management Services has found that maintaining a focus on data can increase radiology sales and marketing success, resulting in a significant boost to revenues and the bottom line. This is a more sustainable solution than the more common reaction of cutting overhead when radiology departments and centers start feeling the pinch from decreasing reimbursement and rising costs.

MedQuest Radiology Management Services is one of the country’s leading radiology management companies, assisting hospitals, imaging centers and physician practices in optimizing their imaging resources. In addition to sales and marketing, the company’s management and support services include comprehensive radiology assessments; operational enhancements such as scheduling and intake improvements; revenue cycle and denial management; quality, safety and patient experience; and strategic development and network management.

“Too often providers of radiology services fail to devote adequate resources to radiology sales and marketing, leaving them lacking in critical market knowledge and vulnerable to competition,” said Bruce Elder, Chief Development and Strategy Officer of MedQuest. “At both our owned centers and the healthcare systems and centers we support, MedQuest has implemented highly effective sales and marketing programs that drive increased scan volumes and greater responsiveness to customers.”

MedQuest employs a data-driven approach to sales and marketing that includes training and overseeing one or more dedicated onsite sales and marketing specialists that actively build relationships with physicians to increase referral volume and ensure high satisfaction levels. The foundation of these relationships are regular communication, responsive “service recovery” to meet physicians’ needs and a deep understanding of radiology.

“It’s been said many times that you can’t manage what you don’t measure ,” said Elder. “Applying metrics to the sales and marketing function is a transformative process that converts those activities into a data-driven approach with measurable contributions to the bottom line. Clients appreciate the fact that we can accurately forecast volume by modality and measure the ROI on sales and marketing activities.”

Often radiology departments and centers rely on shared marketing or “outreach” resources that represent a wide range of services. MedQuest has found that having dedicated radiology sales and marketing specialists with the right specialized training, CRM system and oversight is far more effective.

About MedQuest Radiology Management Services
MedQuest provides comprehensive radiology management services to hospitals, imaging centers and physician practices that increase revenue, optimize operations and enhance quality, safety and the patient experience. MedQuest’s decades of management and operational experience, together with industry-leading proprietary systems and processes, create an unrivaled value proposition for customers. Visit to learn more.