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Faster. Profitably. More Creatively.


We have a strong base of satisfied clients eager to serve as references upon request.

“Laura Campbell’s expertise in understanding an ever-changing, complex healthcare landscape is unparalleled. She has assisted me in more than six different healthcare companies in the last 20 years, and her results are nothing short of phenomenal. She exhibits the highest integrity, most complete confidentiality and the best return on investment that you will ever receive on her strategies. She is exemplary!”

Phil Suiter — CEO of multiple companies

“Over the past two decades, Laura Campbell and her team have assisted many of the companies I have invested in with growing their businesses. Laura’s insights and unique background in building companies, finance and communications are always extremely valuable. That’s why I recommend Laura time and time again. She is gifted in working with entrepreneurial ventures and a real pro at helping businesses communicate with both investors and customers. The value and personal attention she provides to clients is outstanding.”

Luke Simons — former Co-head of investment banking firm J.C. Bradford & Co. and Investor

“Having known Laura Campbell for more than 20 years, what impresses me the most are her extremely high integrity and innate understanding of how to grow businesses. Laura has that rare combination of strategic, financial and communications skills that can envision and articulate the future of a business while still staying grounded in today’s financial realities.”

Dick Ragsdale — Co-founder of Community Health Systems and more than a dozen businesses

“I could not be more pleased with the services provided to my company by Laura Campbell and her partners. Laura was extremely skilled in assessing our messaging and strategic positioning in the marketplace and providing a solid foundation for our future growth. Her work has better aligned our team, transformed our marketing efforts and positively impacted sales. Laura was able to quickly understand the intricacies of our business. She is creative – yet practical – and very responsive.”

Richard Otto — CEO of multiple public and private companies

“Over the past ten years, I have engaged Laura Campbell and her firm to assist the management teams of several companies of which I have been involved. I am also on the Board of another venture that uses her services. I have been thoroughly impressed with Laura’s knowledge and professionalism, the quality of her work, and the way she personally handles the details of client engagements. Laura anticipates needs, effectively manages projects and provides a great value to customers.”

Jeff Pate — Entrepreneur, CEO, Board Member

“Over the last several years, Laura Campbell & Associates has assisted me with several of my businesses. When I was first referred to Laura by another CEO, Laura immediately met with me and was able to quickly understand my ventures, their needs and my personal business philosophy. Laura and her team have been very knowledgeable, a pleasure to work with, and have provided a great value to my businesses. I especially appreciate working with Laura because she personally handles my businesses and is extremely responsive and confidential.”

Toby Gray — CEO of multiple businesses, Investor

“The services of Laura Campbell & Associates have been a great value for our business. Although we offer a complex technology in a rapidly changing industry, Laura and her team have been able to thoroughly understand our company and help us approach the marketplace in a way that resonates with potential customers and partners. Laura provides personal attention, is quick to respond, and has helped us meet extremely tight deadlines. I am very impressed with Laura’s expertise and the quality of her work, which has helped us grow our business and streamline our sales cycle.”

Keith Rye — CEO of CivicHealth

“Laura and her team produce quality work on time and on budget. Even more importantly, they take ownership of your success. They took the time to understand our goals, and they provided us with helpful guidance throughout the process of delivering on our specific needs. Laura always kept us on task and well-informed, and she and her team were able to work effectively in our unique environment.”

Bruce Elder — CEO of MedQuest Associates

“Having previously worked with Laura, I was aware of her ability to provide marketing services to an established business. When we decided to form a new company in the Healthcare IT space, Laura and her team were skilled in both the HIT space and, most importantly, in what it takes to start a new business. Laura was able to prioritize the marketing projects and tasks necessary to bring a new company from concept to incorporation. We plan on using Laura for our future marketing and PR needs.”

Ned Thurman — CEO of TeleHealth Solutions

“When I decided to launch my next business, Wall Street investors began requesting information about the new venture. Quite frankly, I only had a few scribbles written on a piece of paper at the time. Laura and her team quickly jumped in to create an executive summary, business plan and investor presentation. The investors were very impressed and moved forward with substantial funding. Laura did an impeccable job in a short timeframe of helping me seal the deal with investors. She went on to create foundational positioning and materials for the business that we have used verbatim for years. The rest is history! Thank you, Laura!”

Serial CEO

“When I met with Laura for the first time, I was launching a new business in dingy office space with horrible red plush carpet. Even with the ridiculous surroundings and no business name, Laura immediately respected my vision and jumped in to help me make it happen. She helped me package the business in a way that was unique, attractive to investors and highly successful. There are a lot of consultants in the world, but the personal attention, intellect, passion and value that Laura brings to table are just simply at another level. What I would say to other business owners is that you would be lucky – and smart – to have Laura on your team!”

Serial CEO