Impact Cryotherapy has become one of the fastest growing whole body cryotherapy companies in the world through a combination of product innovation and excellence combined with the growing popularity of whole body cryotherapy. Impact Cryotherapy systems are used by a wide range of professional and university sports teams, resorts and spas, as well as entrepreneurs, many of whom are purchasing multiple units.

“Cryotherapy equipment has not changed substantially in design or technology over the past few decades,” says Richard Otto, President and Chief Executive Officer. “Most units were being manufactured in Europe and shipped to the U.S., and any service might involve long delays and downtime. We established Impact as a company that engineers, manufactures and services units in the U.S.A.”

Impact Cryotherapy has pioneered technological and manufacturing advances that improve user comfort, equipment durability and service efficiency, including:

  • High-quality anodized aluminum components to enhance equipment longevity, eliminating wooden parts used in other systems
  • Patent-pending single circuit to mix air and gas, enabling a more uniform temperature and resulting in a more comfortable experience for the user
  • Multilevel heat exchange system for maximum efficiency
  • UL Listed to ensure the highest level of safety in U.S. and Canada
  • Quick release (plug and play) serviceability of all critical components for efficient on-site repair

“2015 has been a phenomenal year for us,” says Robert Atwood, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer. “Not only have our U.S. sales been boosted by multi-state, multi-unit purchases, but we’ve also seen acceleration in our global sales. The enthusiastic response to our systems has exceeded even our most aggressive projections.”

In addition to its Atlanta manufacturing facility, Impact Cryotherapy recently added a second manufacturing facility with a showroom in St. Louis. The company expects to open a showroom and retail facility in Atlanta in the near future. Both manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.

“By examining opportunities for innovation that improve performance, safety and energy efficiency, Impact Cryotherapy has met the growing need for reliable and affordable units for use by nationally recognized fitness and wellness advocates as well as other individuals who find cryotherapy beneficial to their health and performance,” adds Otto.

About Impact Cryotherapy
Impact Cryotherapy is the national leader in designing and manufacturing whole body cryotherapy systems. Used for pain management, athletic performance enhancement and other health and wellness purposes, the company’s state-of-the-art systems are sleek, attractive single-person chambers that are manufactured in the United States in ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facilities and have achieved UL listing. Impact Cryotherapy is redefining the age-old technique of cryotherapy with advanced technology and aesthetics to deliver unmatched efficiency, comfort and reliability. Learn more at