JourneyPure, a pioneer in addiction treatment services, announced today that its proprietary JourneyPure Coaching ™ program and technology are promoting higher patient engagement and lower relapse rates compared to industry averages. Through a combination of inpatient facilities, outpatient facilities and proprietary coaching services, JourneyPure delivers a full continuum of integrated, high quality services to assist each patient in becoming and staying healthy.

“JourneyPure Coaching is an innovative, technology-driven program designed to help patients maintain long-term recovery after treatment,” stated JourneyPure CEO and co-founder Kevin Lee. “The program includes services of a designated JourneyPure coach, who is a trained peer support specialist, and an industry-leading app, which JourneyPure provides to patients for one year after treatment at no additional cost. By engaging patients post-treatment, JourneyPure is able to provide support at the earliest signals of relapse, improving clinical outcomes.”

JourneyPure’s recent results show that 94% of patients who were introduced to JourneyPure Coaching during treatment continued to stay connected with JourneyPure, and more than 50% had no indication of substance abuse. JourneyPure’s results compare quite favorably to industry studies indicating that approximately 80% of individuals who receive addiction treatment relapse within a year.

“The JourneyPure Coaching system has been effective in engaging and preventing relapse in our patients, most of whom suffer from co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders,” stated Lee. “JourneyPure’s unique clinical programming and coaching technologies are true differentiators in helping patients to stay healthy and maintain their long-term recovery.”

The innovative JourneyPure Coaching app is introduced during treatment as part of the patient’s daily treatment plan. Each JourneyPure coach monitors assigned patients through the app, helping ensure adherence to the recovery plan post-treatment. The JourneyPure Coaching app includes many valuable features, such as private, HIPAA-compliant real-time messaging between the patient and designated coach, as well as a daily recovery log, nutritional guidance and collaborative care management with local healthcare providers.

“We are adding gamification features to the JourneyPure Coaching app through a rewards system that motivates an individual to want to use JourneyPure Coaching every day. The rewards include electronic tokens such as retail discounts and sweepstakes wins,” added Lee.

As a leading provider in the field of addiction treatment, the experts at JourneyPure are well aware of the challenges individuals face in maintaining sobriety. “Upon leaving a facility after addiction treatment, patients can feel a sense of isolation due to the loss of the therapeutic community they experienced while on-site. Research shows this scenario can lead patients to relapse,” stated Dr. Sam MacMaster, addiction industry pioneer and co-founder, executive vice president and chief clinical officer of JourneyPure. “The JourneyPure Coaching program gives patients the ongoing assistance they need through 24/7 access to recovery support.”

JourneyPure has been rapidly expanding its footprint in regional markets and currently serves patients from across the nation through six inpatient facilities in Tennessee, Kentucky and Florida, as well as numerous sober living homes and outpatient clinics. JourneyPure’s growing base of inpatient facilities includes JourneyPure At The River and JourneyPure Voyage in Murfreesboro, Tennessee; JourneyPure Serenity Network in Knoxville, Tennessee; JourneyPure Emerald Coast in Panama City Beach, Florida; JourneyPure 12 Keys Rehab in Jensen Beach, Florida; and JourneyPure Bowling Green in Bowling Green, Kentucky. JourneyPure is a privately held company with corporate headquarters in Brentwood, Tennessee.

JourneyPure continues to grow through expansion of its existing centers, development of de-novo facilities and acquisition of existing addiction treatment centers. Owners of existing centers benefit from industry-leading operational tools and technologies, as well as access to expansion capital.

About JourneyPure
JourneyPure is a leading provider of innovative addiction treatment services with an emphasis on treating co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders. Through a combination of inpatient facilities, outpatient facilities and proprietary coaching services and technologies, JourneyPure delivers a full continuum of integrated, high quality services to assist each patient in becoming and staying healthy. Led by a highly accomplished team of industry experts, JourneyPure is a privately held company headquartered in Brentwood, Tennessee. For more information, visit or call 1-888-287-3259.