REACH Health, Inc., the leading provider of telemedicine software solutions, and Rubbermaid Healthcare, the premier provider of telemedicine carts for healthcare facilities, have entered into a strategic partnership to offer an all-encompassing workflow management system to the telemedicine marketplace.

Clinically driven REACH Health telemedicine technology software solutions combine real-time audio/video technology with vital patient information, images, workflow and critical documentation. Mobile telemedicine devices connect the point-of-care to consulting physicians so they can examine patients remotely and view clinical information.

“We are delighted to partner with Rubbermaid Healthcare and offer their telemedicine endpoints and other capabilities to support health systems and ACOs in improving their clinical, operational and financial performance,” said Richard Otto, President and CEO of REACH Health. “The Rubbermaid and REACH Health brands are synonymous with quality, reliability and exceeding customer expectations.”

Rubbermaid’s best-in-class mobile telemedicine carts optimize the benefits of REACH Health’s cutting edge software solutions. In addition, Rubbermaid’s extensive network of service technicians will provide support. Rubbermaid telemedicine endpoints are engineered to Rubbermaid Healthcare’s highest quality standards with ease of use and interoperability.

“We very much believe that for telemedicine to transform how we deliver healthcare and fulfill the promises of virtual care, we must collaborate. This partnership will help to accelerate the creation of relevant telemedicine solutions by providing health systems with the highest quality mobile carts that have been seamlessly integrated with the leading software technology,” said David Pirkle, President of Rubbermaid Healthcare.

The combined focus of both companies on the future of telemedicine will help to provide healthcare systems with the advanced technologies they need as they progress on the pathway of the continuum of care.

About REACH Health
REACH Health technology powers many of the nation’s largest, fastest growing and most successful telemedicine networks, helping health systems and accountable care organizations achieve measurable improvements in their clinical, operational and financial performance. REACH Health best-in-class software solutions combine real-time audio/video technology with vital patient data, clinical workflow and documentation to overcome the traditional obstacles of time and distance. By securely connecting physicians anytime, anywhere, REACH Health technology enables remote consultations, connects patients with specialists, and supports collaboration by clinical care teams. Physicians and clinicians embrace the ease of use of a single, intuitive platform tailored to multiple specialties. REACH Health pioneered one of the nation’s first telestroke programs and remains the innovation leader, providing the most advanced clinical solutions to improve population health and address today’s demanding healthcare mandates. For more information, visit

About Rubbermaid Healthcare
Rubbermaid Healthcare is the premier provider of medication carts, wall-mounted workstations, mobile computing solutions and telemedicine carts for healthcare facilities striving to enhance patient care, safety and staff productivity. Product development focuses on providing caregiver workflow advantages and improving the integration and acceptance of technology into the patient care process.