CivicHealth has expanded its comprehensive technology solutions used to coordinate care pathways across multiple organizations, including human services. CivicHealth’s solutions consolidate information from clinical and non-clinical resources that use disparate technology systems, resulting in lower costs, increased efficiency and improved patient care. A newly revamped website,, provides insight into how the company’s technology can benefit stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum.

CivicHealth connects a wide range of clinical and non-clinical organizations to create networks that enable cost-effective care coordination and strategic resource management. CivicHealth’s software platform is used by hospitals, accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes; post-acute and long-term care networks, health plans and community and public health organizations to manage risk, coordinate care and evaluate individual outcomes and population health. The company’s proven technology has been in use for over a decade in more than 30 communities across the country.

“The mandate to improve care quality while reducing costs necessitates a high degree of coordination and collaboration across multiple healthcare providers, systems and agencies, all of which use different technology,” said Keith Rye, CivicHealth Chief Executive Officer. “Our proven solutions support care coordination initiatives by aggregating the necessary data from various systems to facilitate connectivity, collaboration and execution.”

The company’s integrated platform works along EHRs and other IT systems to address the challenges presented by disparate technology. CivicHealth’s solutions include:

  • Community Resource Network – integrates a directory of community human services as referral resources for healthcare providers
  • Patient Navigation – incorporates the Community Resource Network to advance care coordination, patient engagement and patient compliance across internal and external partners within a network in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Value-Based Care Management – enables sharing of patient assessment and care plans across the spectrum of multiple providers and care settings, enhancing patient engagement, compliance and outcomes
  • Integrated Delivery Network – used to manage patients in specialty networks, from bundled payment initiatives to post-acute care networks and other risk-based contracting

About CivicHealth
CivicHealth’s comprehensive technology solutions are used to coordinate care pathways across multiple organizations, including human services. CivicHealth’s robust platform offers the interoperability, workflow and reporting required in today’s healthcare environment. CivicHealth streamlines and centralizes data from EHRs and other disparate IT systems, integrating clinical and non-clinical resources to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve patient care. The solutions facilitate collaboration within a specialty or narrow network. Visit to learn more.