Quire Unveils Industry’s Most Dynamic Technology for Predictive Analytics in Value-Based Care

Quire today announced the launch of its next-generation technology that provides healthcare organizations with a unique approach supporting value-based care. The technology uses artificial intelligence algorithms to quickly and flexibly develop predictive models from unstructured text in clinical notes and electronic medical records (EMRs). Quire’s approach enables providers to significantly increase the odds that their limited intervention resources are directed to the patients where care management teams can have maximum impact on the health and cost of a population.

Quire’s proven technology provides clinical and financial benefits to any health system, provider group or provider-sponsored health plan – especially those entering or renewing value-based contracts. With up to 80% of recorded patient data being unstructured, Quire enables providers to more accurately target patients to receive attention. Quire technology runs seamlessly alongside any EMR with no impact on provider workflow.

“Structured data analytics can be complex and time-consuming,” says Quire CEO Brad Silver. “In contrast, Quire swiftly searches through millions of physician notes and automatically makes inferences based on that information. Quire capitalizes on physicians practicing medicine like they traditionally have – documenting encounters in their notes where they can capture the nuances of each individual patient. The technology does the rest, helping healthcare organizations create high impact patient lists to better manage intervention resources, especially in a value-based environment.”

“Quire’s technology makes it much faster and easier to pinpoint the patients most likely to have hospital admissions and readmissions,” says Scott Fowler, MD, President and CEO of Holston Medical Group. “It’s a big advance over structured data analytics because it lets you identify what’s under the metrics. With Quire, we can get a handle on root causes, which can include behavioral and social issues in addition to medical complexities of chronic illnesses.”

“Quire also enables us to highlight rising-risk patients who may otherwise be overlooked. By not just focusing on the high-cost patients, we increase the odds of improving the long term health and cost of the population we’re managing,” adds Fowler. 

About Quire
Quire has developed a cutting-edge data analytics technology to support healthcare providers focused on value-based care. The technology not only identifies which groups of patients to target for intervention, but why. Artificial intelligence algorithms drive predictive models by combing through the deepest knowledge existing on patients, the unstructured text from providers’ clinical notes and electronic medical records (EMRs). The software enables healthcare providers to make more informed decisions about how and where to direct their limited intervention resources. Quire significantly increases the odds that resources are driven to optimal patients when the goal is managing the overall health and cost of the population. The privately held company, with headquarters in Memphis, Tennessee, is backed by veteran healthcare investors, including TriStar Technology Ventures, Innova and Pittco. To learn more, visit www.quiredata.com.

CivicHealth Expands Healthcare Technology Solutions that Enable Connectivity, Collaboration for Care Pathways

CivicHealth has expanded its comprehensive technology solutions used to coordinate care pathways across multiple organizations, including human services. CivicHealth’s solutions consolidate information from clinical and non-clinical resources that use disparate technology systems, resulting in lower costs, increased efficiency and improved patient care. A newly revamped website, www.civichealth.com, provides insight into how the company’s technology can benefit stakeholders across the healthcare spectrum.

CivicHealth connects a wide range of clinical and non-clinical organizations to create networks that enable cost-effective care coordination and strategic resource management. CivicHealth’s software platform is used by hospitals, accountable care organizations and patient-centered medical homes; post-acute and long-term care networks, health plans and community and public health organizations to manage risk, coordinate care and evaluate individual outcomes and population health. The company’s proven technology has been in use for over a decade in more than 30 communities across the country.

“The mandate to improve care quality while reducing costs necessitates a high degree of coordination and collaboration across multiple healthcare providers, systems and agencies, all of which use different technology,” said Keith Rye, CivicHealth Chief Executive Officer. “Our proven solutions support care coordination initiatives by aggregating the necessary data from various systems to facilitate connectivity, collaboration and execution.”

The company’s integrated platform works along EHRs and other IT systems to address the challenges presented by disparate technology. CivicHealth’s solutions include:

  • Community Resource Network – integrates a directory of community human services as referral resources for healthcare providers
  • Patient Navigation – incorporates the Community Resource Network to advance care coordination, patient engagement and patient compliance across internal and external partners within a network in a HIPAA-compliant manner
  • Value-Based Care Management – enables sharing of patient assessment and care plans across the spectrum of multiple providers and care settings, enhancing patient engagement, compliance and outcomes
  • Integrated Delivery Network – used to manage patients in specialty networks, from bundled payment initiatives to post-acute care networks and other risk-based contracting

About CivicHealth
CivicHealth’s comprehensive technology solutions are used to coordinate care pathways across multiple organizations, including human services. CivicHealth’s robust platform offers the interoperability, workflow and reporting required in today’s healthcare environment. CivicHealth streamlines and centralizes data from EHRs and other disparate IT systems, integrating clinical and non-clinical resources to lower costs, increase efficiency and improve patient care. The solutions facilitate collaboration within a specialty or narrow network. Visit www.civichealth.com to learn more.

PatientFocus Eases Financial Stress in Healthcare Industry with Accounts Receivable Cleanup

Healthcare providers seeking to update their back office functions to comply with ongoing legislative reform are turning to PatientFocus, Inc. to help them clean up and reconcile their accounts receivable.

Providers are being pressed to integrate new EHR/EMR systems as required by meaningful use regulations. However, older legacy accounting systems are often not compatible with the newer EHR systems, leading to massive integration problems.  In many cases, providers are left with no option other than writing off the unpaid patient accounts within their former technology systems at a significant loss.

PatientFocus, a fast-growing and innovative healthcare billing company based in Nashville, Tenn., eases this process for providers and prevents them from needing to forgo valuable receivables. Leveraging its billing and customer service expertise, PatientFocus is able to assist providers with reconciling the old accounts, contacting patients, offering discounts and closing account balances.

“Assisting our clients by cleaning up and untangling their accounts receivable is becoming a major service line for our company,” said PatientFocus Founder and CEO David Frederiksen. “We provide a tremendous benefit to our clients as they go through the natural pains associated with upgrading their businesses.”

PatientFocus deals exclusively with patient-pay collections after insurance and before bad debt. Functioning as an extension of a client’s billing office, the company provides patients with flexible, interest-free payment options without a credit check. PatientFocus expertly manages 100 percent of patient communications, including statements, inbound and outbound telephone follow-up and online payment options.

“By helping our clients tackle this problem, without the need for write offs, we can take a lot of the sting out of complying with legislative reform,” said Frederiksen. 

About PatientFocus

PatientFocus, Inc., based in Nashville, Tenn., is a medical billing company focused exclusively on self-pay and patient-pay accounts after insurance and before bad debt collections. Operating as a branded extension of clients’ internal billing offices, PatientFocus leverages the latest data analytics, proprietary software solutions and compassion for patients to facilitate the self-pay billing process for both providers and patients. With our real-time analytics and predictive payment algorithms, as well as industry-leading online payment tools and friendly, flexible approach to customer service, PatientFocus ensures increased cash collections and improves overall patient satisfaction.

RegionalCare Hospital Partners Selects Agilum to Provide Business Intelligence Solutions

Agilum Healthcare Intelligence announced today that its healthcare business intelligence (BI) solutions and services will be used by RegionalCare Hospital Partners Inc., a leading owner and operator of regionally focused community hospitals in non-urban markets across the United States, to provide healthcare business intelligence (BI) solutions and services.

“The ability to easily access business intelligence that is both hospital-specific and company-wide will benefit all of our hospitals, and ultimately, every patient that we serve,” said Alan Wenk, VP of Financial Operations, RegionalCare Hospital Partners.

Agilum’s business intelligence solutions, specifically designed to meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare systems, transform millions of data points from multiple source systems into actionable business analytics. Agilum customers rely on this real-time information to improve performance, profitability and quality.

“We are very pleased to have been selected by RegionalCare to provide unique, valuable insights generated by our business intelligence solutions,” said Roy Mathews, Founder and President, Agilum Healthcare Intelligence. “Agilum’s ability to pull information from a range of disparate technology systems and integrate it into a unified view offers deep value for operations, financial performance and patient care.”

Agilum offers unique advantages to healthcare systems with its easy-to-implement, cloud-based solutions that provide deep Oracle functionality at an affordable monthly subscription fee. Hospitals immediately begin receiving new insights that assist with making informed, timely decisions.

About RegionalCare Hospital Partners
RegionalCare Hospital Partners is a growing system of community hospitals focused on a commitment to high quality care and expanding health care services in non-urban markets. Today, RegionalCare is partnered with eight, market-leading, community hospitals in seven states. More information can be found at www.regionalcare.net.

About Agilum Healthcare Intelligence
Agilum Healthcare Intelligence provides business intelligence (BI) solutions and services that are specifically designed to meet the needs of hospitals and healthcare systems. Leveraging a software-as-a-service (SaaS) model, Agilum provides its US and international hospital clients customers with the ability to quickly and affordably transform huge volumes of financial and operational data, drawn from multiple source systems, into clear, actionable business intelligence improving performance, profitability and quality.