Acclaimed Author and Entrepreneur Alison Cherney Releases New Book, Decode Karma

We’ve all heard karma blamed for everything from lost love to difficult business relationships, but few people can truly define what it is and how it influences our behavior and life. Decode Karma, a new book from nationally recognized speaker, writer and business expert Alison Cherney, provides an unprecedented level of research to understand and leverage the mysterious force, including exploration of 160 karmic games.

Through her consulting firms Decode My Life and Cherney & Associates, Inc., Cherney has spent decades advising hundreds of start-ups to Fortune 100 companies on strategies and tactics to grow their businesses. Along the way, she has become a sought-after speaker and prolific writer publishing seven books and more than 100 articles.

“The key to any company’s growth is its people. Karma is the ‘door’ to answer the questions that are in the way of people’s success,” stated Cherney. “During my years of leading in-depth training programs on communication, conflict resolution and business growth, I recognized that there were deep underlying issues that couldn’t be resolved through traditional training or counseling methods.”

In Decode Karma, Cherney introduces The Karma Checklist, developed through her extensive research to help readers identify which of the 160 karma game(s) they are engaged in with another individual or group of people. Understanding this dynamic can help resolve the process with that person and/or situation.

“Karma is the law of attraction and balance, and it plays a critical role in everything from interpersonal relationships to business to wealth,” said Cherney. “When we commit a karmic action, we must pay the debt we created and learn the karmic lesson. Amazingly, there is little recorded information on the specific actions that create karma. My research describes karmic actions, how to identify them in your life, and how to get them resolved—leading to more fulfillment and greater success.”

Decode Karma is available for easy online download or print and can be purchased from Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

About Decode My Life

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