Marquee Dental Partners Experiences Rapid Growth, Expands to 27 Practices in the Southeast

Marquee Dental Partners today announced more growth through acquisition. Since the company’s inception, Marquee has grown to 27 dental practices in the states of Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. Led by a seasoned team with decades of experience in the industry, Marquee is a dental support organization dedicated to making dentists and their patients the priority.

“Marquee Dental’s growth has been propelled by our innovative business model focused on promoting the happiness of our dentists, who provide world-class services to our patients. Marquee truly operates in service to its dentists, versus the other way around,” stated Marquee Dental CEO Fred Ward.

“Marquee provides dentists with both the support and clinical autonomy they need to succeed, enabling them to focus on caring for patients instead of administrative paperwork,” said Ward. “A key element of our model is the belief that each local community has unique dental needs that are best met through locally branded practices.”

After launching less than three years ago, Marquee Dental’s first acquisition was Embassy Dental, an operator of seven practices in Nashville and surrounding areas. Additional multi-location acquisitions have included Save-On Dental, with practices in five Alabama communities, and MidTN Dentistry (formerly Northcutt), with eight practices in the Nashville area.

Along with easing administrative burdens, Marquee Dental can also provide support and capital to assist dental practices in implementing new services, such as specialists in orthodontics, endodontics, periodontics and oral surgery—providing patients the convenience of receiving their dental care under one roof.

“The team at Marquee Dental listens to my needs and provides support to help me grow and prosper in my dental career while providing optimal care to patients,” stated Dr. Mark “Jay” Ruark, II, of Embassy Dental Hillsboro Village in Nashville. “Marquee’s approach is unique in the industry in that it is truly dentist-focused and enables me to operate with clinical autonomy.”

According to Dr. Keith Van Benthuysen of Embassy Dental in Brentwood, Tennessee, “Marquee handles the administrative aspects of the practice, which allows me to focus my time and attention on providing dental care for patients. I especially appreciate collaborating with the other dentists and experts at Marquee to share best practices and develop innovative approaches to patient care.”

Marquee Dental was founded by James Usdan, a thought leader in the industry who has led or served on the board of four dental service companies and remains actively involved as a board member of Marquee. Due to the strong demand for Marquee Dental’s services and its robust pipeline, the company will continue to expand its roster of practices through acquisitions and de novo development in the Southeast, particularly in the states of Tennessee, Alabama and Kentucky. Marquee affiliates with dental offices and practice groups in growth markets that have a history of providing high quality care.

 About Marquee Dental Partners
Marquee Dental is a premier dental support organization dedicated to making dentists and their patients the priority. By providing dentists with both the support and the clinical autonomy they need to succeed, Marquee enables them to focus their attention on providing the best oral health services possible. Led by a team of highly accomplished industry veterans, the privately held company is based in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information, visit