Select Cryotherapy Brings First Cryotherapy Treatment Options to Nashville

Whole Body Cryotherapy Used for Health and Wellness, Athletic Recovery

Select Cryotherapy is bringing the hottest trend to Nashville, opening two whole body cryotherapy centers plus a mobile unit on June 8, 2015. Whole body cryotherapy is a three-minute treatment inside a sub-zero degree chamber that leaves users feeling revitalized, helps relieve pain and speeds recovery for athletes.

During the grand opening on June 8-13, which the company has dubbed “Nashville CryoWeek,” Select Cryotherapy will be offering deeply discounted sessions for $19, plus a free session with purchase of a package. Select Cryotherapy is located at 3202 Belmont Boulevard, Nashville 37212 (615.828.9737), and is open from 8 AM to 6 PM. A satellite location is just off I-65 at Highway 96 in Franklin at Schroder Chiropractic, 1113 Murfreesboro Road, #410, 37064.

Select Cryotherapy also has a mobile unit designed for use by groups and at special events. The mobile unit will be at Green Hills Family YMCA June 8-9, providing treatments from 8 AM to 6 PM. The mobile cryotherapy chamber will also be at the 7th Annual Nashville Sports Council Golf Tournament on June 25.

“We find that once people have tried whole body cryotherapy, they recognize the health and wellness benefits and enjoy feeling refreshed and invigorated,” explains John Hartong, CEO of Select Cryotherapy. “A lot of people end up getting cryotherapy treatments on a weekly or biweekly basis because it’s so fast, easy and effective.”

Cold therapy has been used for thousands of years throughout the world and is a well-accepted method for treating inflammation and injury. It is a safe, proven method to improve whole body health and wellness.

Cryotherapy allows athletes to train harder and recover faster, but is much more comfortable than immersing the body in ice water. Amateur athletes and weekend warriors, as well as pros, have adopted cryotherapy to reduce pain and inflammation caused by strenuous exercise.

Therapists and practitioners can recommend whole body cryotherapy as an adjunct to other types of treatments for a variety of symptoms and conditions, ranging from chronic pain to depression. With the mobile unit, therapists can arrange for onsite treatment days.

The whole body cryotherapy experience begins with stripping down to underwear, jogging or compression shorts. Women may also wear a bra, sports bra or bikini top. The user steps into the state-of-the-art Select Cryotherapy chamber, which fills with nitrogen vapor. The head remains outside the chamber, which drops in temperature to a range of minus 140 to 170 degrees Celsius.

“During those three minutes in the chamber, the skin sends signals to the brain which stimulates physical reactions and activates naturally occurring healing resources,” said Bert Simmons, COO of Select Cryotherapy. “Once you step out, the body immediately reheats, but the effects remain. The one thing we hear from virtually everyone who has tried the treatment is how energized they feel. An added benefit for most users is that the treatment increases metabolism and burns calories.”

The Select Cryotherapy units were made in the U.S.A. in an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified facility, and represent the next generation of cryotherapy, which has traditionally been manufactured and used in Europe. The Select Cryotherapy system combines leading-edge technology with innovative design to deliver unmatched safety, comfort and reliability.

About Select Cryotherapy
Select Cryotherapy offers state-of-the-art whole body cryotherapy treatments through its two locations and mobile unit. The mobile unit is available for events as well as ongoing partner programs. The company is headquartered in Nashville with a satellite location in Franklin. Cryotherapy promotes health and well-being, allows faster recovery time, supports chronic pain relief, delivers an energy boost, increases metabolism and burns calories. Learn more: