MedQuest White Paper Details Five Areas Critical to Improving Radiology Profitability

MedQuest Radiology Management Services, a leading provider of radiology consulting and management services, released a white paper this week examining five ways a hospital or health system can increase radiology revenue streams, maximize revenue capture and streamline operations. These five areas are typically the focus when MedQuest conducts an assessment of radiology operations for a health system to identify opportunities within this important service line.

“As we travel the country working with health systems and hospitals to boost the value, effectiveness and profitability of their imaging operations, we see a pattern in certain key areas and opportunities being overlooked,” said Bruce Elder, Chief Development and Strategy Officer of MedQuest. “With this white paper, 5 Ways to Improve the Profitability of Your Radiology Operations, we bring together those lessons learned and best practices to assist providers in boosting radiology profitability.”

The key, according to the white paper, is to optimize revenue and volume while at the same time increasing operational efficiencies. The white paper details five critical areas to address, including performing a market analysis; establishing a dedicated radiology sales and marketing team; optimizing the order funnel; reviewing workflow, throughput and productivity; and performing effective imaging network management and capital planning.

One of the most impactful steps recommended by MedQuest is establishing a dedicated radiology sales and marketing team beyond, and complementary to, a hospital’s other outreach efforts. “We’ve repeatedly proven that having a team focused solely on radiology sales and marketing functions generates a positive return on investment by increasing both volume and customer satisfaction levels,” Elder said.

The job of the radiology sales and marketing specialist is to increase referrals by building productive, clinically driven relationships with referring physicians and their office staffs. Developing clinician-specific radiology marketing plans, performing vital service recovery and creating targeted marketing strategies are all tactics that the sales and marketing team can employ to build volume.

The white paper, 5 Ways to Improve the Profitability of Your Radiology Operations, is available for download from MedQuest’s website.

MedQuest’s comprehensive management and consulting services assist health systems, hospitals and imaging centers with optimizing their imaging resources. In addition to radiology assessments and management services, MedQuest offers support services including sales and marketing; operational enhancements such as scheduling and intake improvements; and strategic development and network management. MedQuest brings decades of experience in the radiology industry and owns, operates and manages diagnostic imaging facilities in seven states.

About MedQuest Radiology Management Services
MedQuest is a leading provider of radiology management and consulting services to health systems, hospitals and imaging centers across the country. Drawing upon decades of operational experience and industry knowledge, MedQuest delivers comprehensive guidance and solutions that increase revenue and optimize operations, while improving quality and the patient experience. In-depth assessments, one of the company’s most requested services, offer actionable insights into growing referrals, streamlining operations and strategically planning for the future. MedQuest’s industry-leading services and proprietary systems create an unrivaled value proposition for customers. Visit to learn more.

Strategic Assessments from MedQuest Radiology Management Services Identify Actionable Radiology Improvements for Healthcare Organizations

Hospitals and healthcare systems are facing unprecedented threats to their bottom lines, challenging them to curtail costs, increase revenue and improve the delivery of efficient quality patient care. In this tumultuous environment, MedQuest Radiology Management Services, one of the country’s leading radiology management companies, is seeing greater demand for its assessment services that help healthcare organizations identify areas for improvement within their radiology operations.

MedQuest’s assessments range from comprehensive evaluations of all aspects of radiology operations to in-depth-examinations of a single function, such as sales and marketing, operations, scheduling, billing and denials, IT/system integration, and facility and equipment review. MedQuest is also often called upon to provide a market assessment focusing on referral patterns, referring physician feedback, radiology network strategies and future expansion opportunities.

“Drawing upon decades of our own hands-on imaging operations experience, MedQuest is uniquely qualified to identify and implement strategies proven to significantly increase revenue, optimize operations and enhance quality, safety and the patient experience,” said Todd W. Latz, MedQuest Chief Executive Officer. “MedQuest is more than just a consultant; we deliver a strategic blueprint with actionable recommendations and can provide extensive implementation support and guidance.”
Recent assessments include:

  • Healthcare system transformation – A multi-state integrated healthcare system was seeking to identify potential efficiencies, cost savings and revenue generating activities for radiology, while enhancing operations. MedQuest narrowed the focus to staffing and scheduling, which offered the greatest ROI within a tight timeline. Under MedQuest’s guidance, the healthcare system exceeded their goal of a $4 million impact on operating cash flow.
  • Medical center expansion – MedQuest was asked to help ensure the success of a medical center’s new location and increased scan volume 27% while maximizing the effectiveness of the system’s imaging network. MedQuest identified areas of opportunity to improve operational processes and workflow in scheduling, patient registration and modality patient flow, evaluated the management and staffing model and identified metrics for operational efficiency and management accountability.

The MedQuest assessment process begins with a data review that allows the team to identify potential opportunities and specific areas of focus prior to the onsite visit. While the team is onsite, they conduct interviews with staff, radiologists, and affiliated and independent referring physicians, and observe procedures and workflow. Following the visit, the team analyzes the information and develops specific and actionable recommendations based on industry and proprietary best practices. And finally, MedQuest presents its findings and recommendations to the healthcare organization, including a comprehensive review of the market, current operations and both near term and longer term improvement opportunities. 

About MedQuest Radiology Management Services
MedQuest provides comprehensive radiology management services to hospitals, imaging centers and physician practices that increase revenue, optimize operations and enhance quality, safety and the patient experience. MedQuest’s decades of management and operational experience, together with industry-leading proprietary systems and processes, create an unrivaled value proposition for customers. Visit to learn more.