Central Ohio Urology Group First in Region to Office Micro-Ultrasound for Most Accurate Prostate Cancer Diagnosis

Central Ohio Urology Group, one of the largest urology practices in Central Ohio and the Columbus MSA, has acquired ExactVu™ Micro-Ultrasound (Micro-US), specifically designed to aid in the diagnosis of prostate cancer using real-time imaging for biopsy guidance. ExactVu dramatically improves visualization of suspicious areas of the prostate with 300 percent higher resolution over standard ultrasound, and has shown to be comparable to mpMRI for detecting clinically significant prostate cancer. ExactVu’s targeted biopsies help urologists determine, with certainty, the grade and stage of cancer, when detected.

Central Ohio Urology Group (COUG) serves patients throughout Central Ohio with 21 urologists practicing at 15 locations, including a prostate cancer center and an ambulatory surgery center. COUG invests in the most advanced technologies to give patients the best possible urological care.

Adam C. Weiser, M.D., of Central Ohio Urology Group, stated, “I remember as a child the leap from black-and-white TV to color TV. Conventional ultrasound to ExactVu is the same kind of paradigm shift in visualization. We did not know what we were missing until someone showed us the difference, side by side. We hope to use the increased definition of ExactVu to cut down the number of biopsies and avoid false negatives that have plagued the previous generation of biopsy machines.”

Typically, when the urologist performs a standard ultrasound to detect prostate cancer and guide the biopsy, it is often done blind, with the possibility of results showing a false negative or under-graded cancer diagnosis.

With an imprecise diagnosis and to avoid any risk, the urologist may recommend a radical prostatectomy or radiotherapy to surgically remove or radiate the entire prostate, which may cause long-term side effects of urinary incontinence and erectile dysfunction.

Using ExactVu Micro-US, urologists can better detect smaller abnormalities and evaluate the grade and stage of the cancer. Its design also minimizes the risk of infection during biopsy through a transperineal approach.

In addition to providing comparable sensitivity to an MRI scan, ExactVu Micro-US is done in the urologist’s office. The patient does not have to travel for the MRI and return to the urologist’s office for the biopsy. Also, for some patients who are claustrophobic or have a pacemaker, an MRI may be prohibitive.

For more information about ExactVu Micro-US at Central Ohio Urology Group visit www.centralohiourology.com.