TeleHealth Solutions to Establish Telehealth Program at Riverside Correctional Facilities

TeleHealth Solutions, LLC announced today that it has been retained by Riverside University Health System—Correctional Health Services (RUHS-CHS) to implement a telehealth program for individuals housed in its correctional facilities. RUHS-CHS provides services in five jails or correctional facilities in Riverside County, California, all managed by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Corrections Division, one of the largest jail operations in the state and throughout the country. TeleHealth Solutions is a vendor-agnostic consultative partner that addresses every step involved in planning, procuring and optimizing telehealth programs.

“We are honored to partner with Riverside County. Correctional facilities are increasingly turning to telemedicine to make healthcare more available to inmates because it enhances quality, reduces costs and improves safety,” said Ned Thurman, Chief Executive Officer of TeleHealth Solutions. “Telehealth allows detainees to see specialists and other providers who might not otherwise be available, and corrections officers aren’t forced to transport individuals outside the correctional facility walls.”

TeleHealth Solutions will initially provide an assessment of the existing clinical workflow and technical capabilities at the correctional facilities in Riverside County, including recommendations on strategies to leverage existing resources. Because TeleHealth Solutions is vendor agnostic, it is focused on optimizing current technology while identifying appropriate new technologies, resulting in a successfully integrated system that meets both current and future needs.

“TeleHealth Solutions brings an objective viewpoint supported by years of experience with a wide range of customers,” said Thurman. “This helps to ensure satisfaction among all of an organization’s stakeholders. Our expertise includes an in-depth understanding of both clinical workflow and technology, the two major components of a telemedicine system.”

The Riverside County Sheriff’s Department Corrections Support and Corrections Operation Divisions manage five adult detention/correctional facilities. The five facilities combined process approximately 55,000 individuals a year. All five facilities are qualified to hold inmates from arrest through booking, trial, sentencing and ultimate disposition.

About TeleHealth Solutions
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